05/07/2016 Wray, CO – Large Dusty Tornado Forms Within 1/2 Mile

Shot Date: May 7, 2016

A large, dusty tornado develops right across US-385 from me along CR-32 three miles south of Wray. RFD kicked up dust and soon the circulation above tightened and drew up the dusty tornado. A nubby funnel can be seen above as the dust whirls away for about two minutes. No damage that I am aware of from this tornado, but extremely close with the RFD hammering me as it twirled behind the farm stead immediately across from me.

This was the first of two tornadoes I documented from the May 7 tornado event in northeast Colorado. The second tornado immediately followed this and was a long-lived damaging tornado that injured several people north of Wray. That video will be in a separate upload.

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